The 5 mistakes you’re making as a student

(and how to fix them)

5 Mistakes All Students Make When Studying

Study tip of the week

Take good notes. Ensure that you take detailed notes during class quickly, then rewrite them neatly after class as revision.

About Lauren

Lauren is a PhD candidate and a Teaching Associate from Melbourne, Australia. She’s taught undergraduate psychology and behavioral studies for over two years and has undergone 6+ years of higher education.

Having successfully completed 2 degrees (and a third on the way) and taught over 1600 students, Lauren is passionate about and experienced in both learning and teaching.

Through the power of actionable study tips, techniques, and resources Lauren seeks to help higher education students to reduce the overwhelm and procrastination to achieve their goals.

Current programs and products

Study Clarity Session

This is a 1:1 call with Lauren, who will give you clarity on study scheduling, study techniques and answer all your questions about learning in a higher-education setting.

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